2018-2019 Executive

President: Nasreen Rajani
Vice-president: Jessica Chapman
Conference co-chairs: Xiaofei Han, Shaunel London, and Carla McCutchin
First-year MA representatives: Madeleine Le Jeune, Khadijah Malik, and Tommy Wall
Social co-chairs: Sarah MacLean and S. Allie Watson
Communication chair: Alyssa Tremblay
GSA representatives: Simon Vodrey and Carmen Warner
CUPE 4600 representatives: Kate Higginson and Carla McCutchin

CGC elections are held twice a year:
– At the end of the winter semester, to elect the positions of President and Vice-president for the following academic year.
– At the start of the fall semester, to elect the positions of First-year MA representative(s), Social chair(s), Communication chair(s), GSA representative(s) and CUPE 4600 representative(s) for that academic year.